Robin Atkins

Robin Atkins is a nationally known bead artist, instructor and speaker. She is the author of 6 books and a contributor to many books and magazines related to beading, quilting, and embellishment.

A studio artist for 22 years, her beadwork includes framed, sculptural and wearable pieces. Of all the types of beadwork she knows, improvisational bead embroidery is by far her favorite, both to do and to teach. “Working improvisationally, stitching beads on cloth,” she says, “is compelling, inspired, beautiful, fun, meditative and satisfying.”

Using acrylic paints to create layered decorative papers for bookmaking and bead embellished collage is a more recently acquired passion and skill. She began creating hand-crafted books in 1994 and soon developed a unique method for inserting beadwork in to the covers. At the same time, she began studying acrylic painting so that she could make her own decorative papers to use for book covers.

“Painting,” says Robin, “is all about play, messing around, experimenting and having fun.” Robin is the type of teacher who offers attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship, while at the same time giving students a pathway to explore and develop their own creativity.

Regarding longer, seminar-type workshops, Robin says, “There’s something extremely magical and rewarding about diving deep into an art form, working intensely for long hours shoulder-to-shoulder with my students. It’s my idea of heaven.”