Judy Wilkenfeld

Judy Wilkenfeld is a mixed media and book artist from Sydney Australia. Her mixed media art works, Visual Anthologies™ tell the story of a life or lives, past or present.

Presented in book form, wall art or in the form of an installation, she uses layering and the re-contexturalization of the materials to build the history of the subject matter. Judy’s use of symbolism is tantamount to her art pieces. Through the use of colour, textures, found objects and mixed media techniques, Judy conveys the stories behind the lives of those within the anthology. Bringing history to life in either wall art or book forms is part of her raison d’etre, “everyone has a story to tell”.

Judy has been featured in Art Making and Studio Spaces by Lynne Perrella, Who’s Your Dada by Linda and Opie Obrien, Exhibition 36: Mixed Media Demonstrations and Explorations by Susan Tuttle, Cloth Paper Scissors: Artist in Profile, Somerset Studio: Melange and Belle Amoire Jewelry. Judy’s artwork has been also been published in the three leading paper arts magazines in Australia.