Collage/Mixed Media Toggle

Botanica Exotica

Date:  October 5 - 5, 2012
Instructor: Melissa Manley

Spend a day making wild and exotic sculptural flowers out of iron wire and sausage casings. The casings make luminous, transparent, taunt coverings over the wire that can be painted, inked, stitched, and written on.

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Guns and Torches: A Weekend of Waxy Wonder

Date:  October 11 - 13, 2013
Instructor: Mary Beth Shaw and Julie Snidle

Join Mary Beth Shaw and Julie Snidle for a weekend of wax on wax off as they push the limit of mixed media wax techniques. We’ll explore ideas for Batik paper, traditional Encaustic techniques and Intarsia, wood burning, icing and tar. Additional techniques include flocking, Pan pastels, shellac, clay, rigid Wrap, Saral paper, transfers, stencils, rubber Stamps, and wood glue burns.

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