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Instructor: Michelle Ward

“I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.”    Douglas Adams

 A simple painted journal is transformed into a handsome and unique artist’s book when we begin with deliberate manipulations then let Synchronicity take over. Using circles in art-making is an endless adventure and I never tire of investigating the possibilities with the classic, simple shape.  Circles play an integral role in our interactive art book that will focus on all celestial beings, particularly the sun and the moon.  These subjects unlock portals where one can explore dramatic shifts from light to dark, the subtle nuances between positive and negative, and the navigation of scale and repetition. 

We will begin by constructing our books, with calculated placement of circular openings, and then we will paint, collage, transfer, and embellish with elements I provide, or additions you select.  My philosophy: the first step of the creative process is to ‘commit’ content to the surface, then the remaining answers begin to reveal themselves.  Come see what interesting compositions arise when we rely on Synchronicity to inform our choices and direct our designs.

A fun wine and cheese party follows the first day of class.  After day two we will meet at the river for a special dinner under the stars. (optional meal fee.)

About the Instructor

Michelle Ward enjoys getting messy with paint and paper in her home studio in New Jersey.  She runs her own rubber stamp business, is a regular contributor to Somerset Studio, and has been published in several books on mixed media.  Michelle says she enjoys teaching process workshops because that is where everyone learns valuable lessons ­, planned and unplanned, including the teacher.

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Workshop Gallery

Studio and Material Fee

Material fee covers watercolor paper for the journal, ribbon for binding, a packet of images to use for transfer and as collage, and miscellaneous studio supplies.

Student Supplies

Students should bring the following supplies:

  • small bottle of white gesso
  • 4 to 5 bottles of inexpensive acrylic paint, (2 oz.) colors of your choice, plus black and at least one metallic (silver, gold, or copper)
  • 5 to 10 brushes
  • spray bottle for water, cloth rag
  • cup or container for brushes
  • rubber brayer
  • scissors, exacto knife and cutting mat,
  • adhesive of your choice
  • bone folder
  • pencil, ruler, awl or japanese screw punch
  • colored pencils or paint pens that work with your palette
  • swatch of fine sandpaper
  • envelope of favorite paper scraps
  • plus a pre-workshop assignment (details to follow)

Optional Supplies

Circle template, sun/moon themed images, rubber stamps (and ink), themed die-cuts, any size circle punch (we will be using multiple sizes), mini-brads or eyelets, brass or metal charms.