Postcards from the Other Side of Your Brain

If you’ve done any kind of creative work, you are familiar with your inner critic–that voice that says you aren’t good enough and don’t have enough of whatever you need to create. You can spend years trying to chase the critic out of your life, your studio, your heart, only to see him sneak back in with his message of lack and attack.

What if you stopped chasing him out and invited him in—to meet the inner crusaders who protect and inspire you?

Using both sides of your brain—the left side’s logic and order and the right side’s intuitive creative force, you are going to create postcards from interesting and imaginative sources. The completed pieces will contain iconography and powerful language, color and wisdom to support your creative journey.

Through collage, found poetry, and experimentation with inks as paint, you’ll create intuitive art for one side of the postcard. The other will be messages developed using your own inner wisdom reached though guided visualization during deep writing sessions. The result will be Postcards From the Other Side of Your Brain, a set of tarot-like cards.

You’ll also make a monsoon paper holder to carry your magic with you. The original monsoon papers were ones I made using the wind and rain of the Sonoran Desert’s wild summer storms. You will make them using your powerful inner creative source to blend inks and water into a storm of color and imagination.

Finally, we’ll sit together as a transformed group and learn different ways to use the postcards to brainstorm ideas, make choices, and explore the path before us as we travel on our journey.

About the Instructor
Quinn McDonald

Quinn McDonald wanted to be an obedient, dutiful wife and patient mother, but she was born at the wrong time. She became a writer—in ad agencies, in corporations, at a newspaper. Traveled all over the world. Took notes. There was always that restlessness, that raised eyebrow that wouldn’t behave. Then one day, during a performance review, her boss said, “You are different, and seem to enjoy it.” It was not a compliment. The clock on Quinn’s job security ticked to an end.

From that day on, Quinn listened to her intuition, quit looking for meaning in life and began making meaning. She opened QuinnCreative and went back to school and became a certified creativity coach.

Quinn is the author of  Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art. She also writes the “Business of Art” column forSomerset Studio magazine and “The Raw Edge” coaching column for Art Quilt Studio. She is a regular contributor to Create Mixed Media, F+W Media’s art blog and Jenny Doh’s Good Coach website. When she’s not in the studio, Quinn rides her motorcycle in the amazing landscape of the Sonoran desert.