Arcana – A Tale of Tarot: Face Cards

Optional Add-On Workshop
Sunday, January 21, 2018

In the mystical world of the tarot reading, there is often one card that gets singled out of the deck before you begin. That card is called the significator and is meant to be the representation of the person you are reading for, also known as the Querent.

Now choosing this card is an important job, the card has to somehow be a representation of you. How do choose…are you a magician? A high priestess? A King or Queen of Wands? Perhaps you are channeling the wheel of fortune, or the lovers?

Our creative task in this one-day workshop is to create the perfect mixed media representation of ourselves, our own unique significator. We’ll start off with a brief introduction to get you familiar with some of the basic symbology and iconography you’ll find in a typical tarot deck. Once armed with this knowledge (don’t worry, you’ll be given a cheat sheet) and a plethora of mixed media techniques you’ll know just what you want to include in yours. We’ll be modifying a small tin or box to look intriguing on the outside and contain a secret tarot realm inside. We’ll construct our own stylized “cards” by creating a multi-layered mixed media collage-assemblage and throughout the process discuss how to incorporate the symbols that will tell our stories or our fortunes. I see a great workshop in your future!

All you need to do is show up with your kit fee, some of your optional supplies, a few good paintbrushes, and scissors, we’ll take care of the rest.

Workshop Gallery

About the Instructor

Andrea Matus deMeng  is a mixed media artist living in Vancouver BC who exhibits as well as teaches her unique combination of painting, collage, assemblage and sculpture throughout the world.

In her art, Andrea creates powerful portraits skillfully combining colour, symbolism and ornamentation. Each motif is a transport to a different time and place, and through the process unrelated and discordant shapes and designs are manipulated to find balance and harmony where at first there seems none. Her passions and strong feminine aesthetic can be seen in all of her endeavours. The improvisational nature of collage coupled with the very deliberate method of painting creates a balance of spontaneity and premeditation in her work. Inspired by her extensive travels, a unique personal history, and too many artistic influences to list, Andrea hopes to inspire others to live their creative lives and pursue their dreams of transformation.

Visit Andrea’s website
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Andrea will provide the following supplies for a $25 kit fee. Fee will be collected on-site.

  • One Altoids (or similar) Tin
  • One small grab bag of found objects (wings, a small glass eye + a mystery objects)
  • Collage Materials (paper, ephemera and themed images, etc.)
  • Tarot Cheat Sheet
  • Tarot Collage Imagery
  • kit also include the use of all:
    • Clear Gesso
    • Paints
    • Matte Medium
    • Adhesives
    • Aves Epoxy Clay
    • Sandpaper

Students should provide the following supplies:

  • 3-4 good paintbrushes, at least one of these should be a large brush (1”-2”) and one good detail brush
  • Scissors
  • Optional:
    • Craft Tweezers (useful for placing/holding some of your smaller items)
    • Heat Gun
    • Your own collage imagery
    • A small photocopied picture of yourself – to truly make yourself king or queen
    • A small assortment of found objects: gears, keyholes, chains, old jewelry pieces, numbers, mica, small dolls or figures, lace, fabric just about anything for further embellishing your tarot card and tin.

Artful Alchemy: Finding the Gold Within

This workshop is focused on giving you the skills to work with your own alchemy effectively. We will use archetypes as frameworks of how to claim, express and move energy.

We will explore how you can follow and express your passion [fire], and how you can access and speak your truth, experience clarity and peace of mind [air]. You will discover how to be enriched by your feelings, increase intimacy and deepen relationships [water], and how you can come home to your body and feel nurtured and connected to yourself [earth]. Through personal and archetypal stories, art making, visualizations and movement we will open up and explore energy, perform alchemy and create change.

We will be creating process art in this workshop, no art experience is necessary to take part.

Artists' Books

Artists’ books have the potential to combine images and writing with sculpture in unique and exciting ways. Created as art objects, they differ from journals and scrapbooks while remaining a form of personal expression. We will use the accordion and concertina book forms as a way of exploring concepts crucial to artists’ books: the composition of the book as a whole; matching structure, content, and materials; pacing and rhythm; sequencing; and considering the viewer. We will also play with ways of altering personal photographs to make them more universal. The end product will be a uniquely personal reflection, with images and text, made tangible in the artists’ book form.

Attachment and Devotion

As artists, we strive to create beautiful art, yet oftentimes we experience both difficulty and frustration when it comes to creatively joining objects to one another. Attachment is an art form in its own right and in this spirited two-day workshop, you will construct a devotional/shine from raw wood (finished size approx 8"x5") and learn myriad techniques that ensure secure and flawless attachments. You will also learn to hand-form a tin top in the "nicho" tradition, embellished with grommets, rivets and eyelets, or create one from found materials, enhance and texture the surface of your box using combinations of paper, paints, wax and more and how to effectively incorporate your objects and/or images.

Back On The Chain Gang

Whether you’re making jewelry, assemblage or a journal, often the need arises to add a chain or clasp for that finishing touch.

Join jeweler Keith Lo Bue for two days of detailed instruction in how to create your own links, hooks and clasps from scratch, using the exciting medium of steel wire. Participants will make a variety of samples…learn the satisfaction of the do-it-yourself approach!

Back to Back Wooden Book: Ethiopian Style Bindings

Introduced during the Middle Ages to save on materials, two volumes yet only 3 covers, this playful structure enables us to explore and compare various Ethiopian style bindings. Participants will learn both the Ethiopian and Greek bindings as well as ample time to perfect the Coptic endband. Returning students will have the opportunity and encouragement to learn variations of these stitches to hone their skills.

Developed as early as the fourth century, this binding style has withstood the test of time. There are several distinct sewings known as chain stitch. I teach a method that uses two needles for each length of thread, one on either end. You will learn a technique of tunneling through the edge of the wooden cover to attach the text block. The combination of historic sewing, wood covers and board attachment are what distinguish this Ethiopian style binding.

In order to gain a better understanding of the basics of woodworking, you will only use hand powered tools to drill, shape and smooth your wooden covers. Surface decoration will also be emphasized with the opportunity to learn the leathery textured appearance many of my pieces employ.

Backstage Pass

Let’s pull back the curtain to see what happens backstage. In this 2-day workshop we will discuss and discover the process of creating art and how your visual journal can play a supporting role. You will create a 6†x 8†assemblage while working simultaneously in your journal with sketches, notes, dashes of paint, and remnants from your piece. Visual journals can take on many forms. ­Use it to flesh out ideas, document process, and collect evidence as you work on a piece, so it is not only a valuable resource but becomes a tool that may inform future work. The connection between your journal and your piece of art is like getting to see the deleted scenes, or extra footage from a movie. Your assemblage may steal the spotlight, but your journal is the real star.

Beads, Books & Paint!

A luscious hand-crafted book can take you places, keepsake your personal stories, and display your special photographs. It touches you in the way it feels, how it closes and opens – the details of its construction revealing
both the artistry and craftsmanship of its creator.

In this cross-discipline workshop, you will make a deeply personal journal, scrapbook, or photo album, each requiring a slightly different construction method. Every student will take home a beautiful and unique hand-bound book with painted covers, bead embroidery inset into the front cover, and painted signature covers. The standard size has 6 signatures, each with 20-pages. But you may have more or less than that if you wish. Bead embroidery may be inset into one of the signature covers rather than in the front cover. It will not be difficult for you to continue making these wonderful books/journals in your own home or studio.

Techniques used include:
– Improvisational Bead Embroidery – learn the four basic bead embroidery stitches and variations, plus edging and fringing techniques. Practice these stitches on a sampler; and then create a small beaded piece to inset
into your book cover.
– Painting Decorative Papers – learn basic techniques for painting, stenciling, stamping, layering and glazing to make your own decorative papers, which you will use for the book and signature covers.
– Book Binding – learn a nifty and permanent process for insetting your bead embroidery into the cover of your book, and a fine, yet quick and professional, book binding method.
– Journal Writing – A few guided writing sessions will give you some models for personal writing, which you may include in the pages of your book.

Beguiling Book House

This workshop is about the transformation of one book into a house full of books. Starting with a vintage volume of children’s stories, the cover will become the roof of the Book House, and the pages books of stories that fill the rooms. We will match the stories we find to structures that best present them (a hopping structure might be about a frog) with instructions for many, many shapes and sizes of small books. Book making, box making, painting, collage, storytelling and some illustration techniques will be covered in this nostalgic journey.

Behind Closed Doors

There is something inherently intriguing about lockets that solicit close examination. Perhaps it is the mechanical aspect of the hinge or catch that invites us to manipulate the components. Or it may be the mystery of what is hidden inside. The wearer of a locket always has the option of keeping out observers or allowing them to share in the secret behind the closed doors.

While lockets are usually made as pendants, in this 2-day workshop we will construct a locket that will be worn as a cuff. You’ll learn a special technique for creating hinges that will eliminate any fears you may have about making them. Some of the other topics that we will cover include image transfer methods, metal etching, riveting, using microbolts, bezel making, stone setting and design considerations. We will also take a short course in toolmaking where you will learn to make your own custom burnishing tool and riveting/texturing hammers.

About the Instructor

Richard Salley began working with metal in 1969 as an assistant to Carmel, California metal sculptor Malcom Moran. His metal working experience turned to ‘found object jewelry’ after taking a workshop with Keith LoBue in 2002.

Richard has recently retired from teaching in public schools to devote more time to his art and teaching workshops around the country. His interests include digital art, mixed media collage/assemblage, sculpture and jewelry.

Richard’s work has been featured in ‘Belle Armoire Jewelry’, ‘Art Jewelry’ and ‘Jewelry Artist’ magazines, Susan Lenart-Kazmer’s book ‘Making Connections’, ‘Steel Wire Jewelry’ by Brenda Schweder, ‘Steampunk Style Jewelry’ by Jean Campbell and ‘Metal Style’ by Karen Dougherty.

Richard and his wife, Jane, live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • View Richard’s work at his website
  • Contact Richard via email

Beyond Precious Little

Were you bitten by the Found Object bug? This exciting masterclass is designed specifically for students who took Keith’s ‘Precious Little’ class in the past, have utilized the techniques learned there, and want to take it to the next level. Beyond Precious Little will hone technical skills, while encouraging each student to go beyond their comfort zone and really step their work up a notch or two! Areas covered include:

  • Fabricating metalwork to enhance your found material
  • Advanced Metal Etching Hinges, clasps, chains and mechanisms
  • Photographing your work
  • And much more…

As all students will be past the introductory level, there will be plenty of opportunity for in-depth group discussion and exchange. Come to the class prepared to be challenged and inspired!


Think BIG! This NEW three day workshop will introduce participants to sculptural perspective on linkages for jewelry.  A variety of materials and techniques will be explored in the creation of BIGLink bracelets, neckpieces and belts. We’ll employ the fabrication techniques of die forming, forging, chasing, hot connections (soldering) and cold connections.

Thomas is known for his Techno-Romantic® style of jewelry, but what most people don’t know is that most the work he designs starts off BIG! — More like sculpture to wear.  But from this beginning all kinds of wonderful, wearable jewelry objects emerge. Tom invites you to join him for a weekend of thinking and making BIG.

Bloom True: A Brave Intuitive Painting Adventure

 “There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

-Anais Nin

 Let go.  Be bold.  Unfold.

In this playful heart-centered workshop, we will explore a whole new way of painting from a space of freedom, non-judgment and experimentation.  This process is about loosening up, letting go of expectations, having fun and allowing your art to unfold naturally.  The emphasis is on finding your true voice and allowing your personal expression to bloom and grow with flow and ease. There are no mistakes here!

Throughout the workshop, I will demonstrate many of my personal painting techniques such as dripping, stamping, expressive mark making, etching, patterning, drawing with paint and carving out imagery.  I will gently guide you with prompts through this fun explorative process, as I share tips about color combining, layering with translucent paints, finding your own voice, and bringing your paintings to life with variation and contrast.  I will also offer ways for becoming “unstuck,” moving through challenging moments and getting back in your creative flow. Our luxurious days of painting will be infused with music, poetry, yoga-inspired stretching, dancing, writing and sharing circles…all to help us open up, let go, get inspired and bring more joy into the process. On the third day, we will start over with a fresh canvas to integrate all that we’ve learned from the first two days while continuing to work on our first two canvases.

We will spiral between painting with wild abandon, boldly trusting in the unknown, and making more conscious choices about composition, personal imagery and color palette.  We will take many breaks to breathe deeply, stretch our bodies and re-connect with the present moment.  Most importantly, we will focus on what IS working and allow this to inspire the rest of the painting.  This is a process-based workshop that will empower you with a toolbox of new techniques as well as a new perspective to approach your work.  This is a very playful, supported, and forgiving process and no prior painting or yoga experience is necessary.  All you need is an open mind.  Trust…you are an artist already.

About the Instructor

Flora Bowley is an internationally celebrated painter, teacher, author, and inspirationalist.  Her vibrant paintings can be found in numerous galleries, in public spaces, on album covers, and on a variety of unique products made in collaboration with Papaya Art.  Flora combines eighteen years of professional painting experience with her background as a yoga instructor, massage therapist and lifelong joy seeker to infuse her teaching and painting style with a deep connection to body, mind, and spirit. By honoring intuition and celebrating the present moment, Flora encourages her students to overcome fear and welcome joyful spontaneous expression back into the creative process.  Her transformational approach to painting (and living) and has inspired thousands of people to “let go, be bold and unfold” as they step fearlessly into the creative process.  Flora’s first book, “Brave Intuitive Painting” will be released by Quarry Books in May, 2012.  Flora splits her time between painting, teaching, and traveling to colorful locations around the world and living among a community of artists in Portland, OR.

Bookstone Journals

Mica is a thin silicate mineral made up of many thin layers, a thick stack of these layers is called a book. Mica is sometimes referred to as bibliolite or bookstone. This workshop will explore a mica product intended for lampshades. Composite mica is made with finely flaked mica sprayed with shellac to form large sheets of various colors and thicknesses. The strong translucent material is an ideal collage material and is a wonderful book cover alternative. Create two different book structures, each taking advantage of the unique quality of this form of mica. Your journals will have mica covers and paper pages.

Botanica Exotica

“Richardson wiped his brow and then pushed back the thick growth with his machete. There after months of searching, hanging pendulous from its vine before him bloomed the elusive translucia rustifolium! We won’t need to brave the tropics and mosquitos for exotic blooms.

Join us as we construct ours out of wire and cover it with an ancient material used by humans the world over to achieve a translucent taunt membrane, sausage casing! The casings come frozen and packed in salt for use in sausage making. We will use them much like paper mache but you won’t need glues as it sticks to itself. While wet, the material can be dyed with inks or fabric dyes. Once dry the casing is papery and can be written on with ink and paint, or stamped with rubber stamps. It can be sewn, stapled, you name it. So join us for the day in our quest for own rare bloom!

About the Instructor

Melissa Manley lives and works in southeastern North Carolina a few miles from Wrightsville beach. She received her BA in studio arts from University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Years later she went back to gradate school in Metals at East Carolina University. While there Melissa was fortunate to study with enameling master Linda Darty and the godfather of found object Robert Ebendorf. She earned her MFA in Metal Design at East Carolina University in 2006. Melissa now teaches metals and jewelry at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington in addition to teaching workshops around the country in collage, book altering, watercolor and jewelry making for the past 7 years. Her work has appeared in Somerset Studio magazine, Belle Armoire magazine, Crafting Personal Shrines by Carol Owen, The Fine Art of Enameling by Linda Darty, Making Connections by Susan Lenart Kazmer, 500 Enameled Objects by Lark books, and Collage Lab by Bee Shay. Melissa winds down from the dizzy pace of making a living with her art by kayaking and beachcombing with her partner, kayak instructor Robert Smith, and her teenage daughter Meredith.

Captured! Bezel Setting for Found Object Jewelry

Once, I worked a little number two pencil down to a nub. I had drawn many simple drawings and delightful sketches with my little yellow stick. When it finally became too small to fit in my hand, I just didnt have the heart to
throw it away. I decided to set my lucky pencil into a bezel setting and wear it as a lavish jewel.

Do you have a small prized possession like my pencil and don’t know what to do with it?

Learn how to bezel set a small found object like a pencil, a small toy, or a simple stone into a simple setting. Of course, this is not limited to just jewelry, you can embellish an altered book cover with an interesting found object, or adorn a shrine with a devotion.

You’ll learn how to make your own bezels using a jeweler’s torch and solder. Fight design disasters with simple planning techniques. Finish your setting with polishing and patina effects. This valued technique will help expand the possibilities of many future works of art you make.

Clasps, Hinges & Closures

Learn basic and diverse ways to create metal closures for a myriad of projects. We will begin by making a wooden board coptic bound book that will receive your closures. Based on historic examples we will then build hinges, pegs and clasps fashioned from brass and attached with hand formed rivets and woven leather thongs. Hammer, saw, stamp and shape simple sheet into a working wonder!

Collage Unleashed: Butterfly Flower Graffiti Journal

This mixed media weekend will bring out the playful artist and child-like spirit in everyone. The approach to making art in this workshop is fun, bright, spirited and funky. Throughout this soulful weekend, your creative spirit will be guided through inspirational aRt! exercises and idea jumpstarts!

Day One – doodle.PAINT.pLay! – painting and mixed media collage techniques
Students will spend the first day learning fun and colorful painting techniques, creating fabulous hand painted papers and fabrics. Explore painting and dyeing techniques including color scraping, washing, monoprints, eyedropper doodles, gesso textures, dyed cloth stamping & stenciling, and glazing. Learn fusion-dyed collage and funky lettering and doodling techniques.

Day Two – butterfly flower graffiti journal – Create a journal with the artwork from Day 1 rules…a mixture of beauty and urban street culture. Create a mixed media journal with unconventional layers of textured "fusion-dyed" painted papers, digital prints and fabrics covered with your own personal graffiti marks. The structure is hand sewn and signatures of random-sized stained papers are finished off with a freestyle macramé binding. Make your mark accenting vibrant backgrounds with handmade printing plates made from garden kneeling pads, cardboard, found objects … explore monoprinting, collagraphs, and creating handmade stencils. Learn about shadow prints and color-dyeing images and incorporate them into the luscious layered journal pages.

Consulting the Oracle: A Visual Journalist

In this weekend initiatory journey, you will create a unique deck of book-sized cards, rich with personal symbols, using radical mixed media techniques developed by Juliana Coles. Mixed media is the bridge that will allow you to activate your inner Innocent, Orphan, Wanderer, Warrior, Martyr and Magician internal spirits, energies or archetypes to either help you on your journey, or hinder the pilgrim’s progress. You will find that YOU are the Oracle that you seek.

We will also alter a found book as our Companion Guidebook. This Guidebook, broken into designated “chapters” for each card, will also house your deck of cards! This is a unique aspect of the workshop: our tools for expression and our cards for intention and focus are all in the same safe place. Then using Visual Journaling techniques that combine freeform journal writing exercises with image making assignments, learn to access the images and voices contained in your cards for further dialogue and expression in your Companion Guidebook or Visual Journal. You will begin this journey with an old library book, textbook, or any other existing book form that can be altered to become our Visual Journal of Archetypal Chapters.

The first day will be spent creating the foundation of our books by making more space to protect the spine, setting up our chapters using all different kinds of techniques for “tabs” (and things that sneak out the sides!), creating the house for our deck of cards, and preparing our books for the exciting work we are about to embark on. This is a process and expression-oriented class.

Copy Machine Etching and Rivet-Making for Jewelry

On Day One, you’ll learn to master a quick and easy way to etch designs and lettering into brass or copper using a normal Xerox-type copier and some simple tools. Excellent for use in jewelry, assemblage and collage. Alternate methods of easy etching will also be covered.

On Day Two, leave that glue in your drawer, and learn rivet making, one of the most versatile and strong connection methods! Whatever the materials used, hand-made rivets can often be employed to strengthen and enhance your assemblage work or jewelry. Various kinds of riveting techniques will be covered in this class recommended for anyone interested in attaching objects securely. Get it together and keep it together!