Signs of Fall

We had a weekend off and as much as I needed to work, I decided that some quality time with Elijah, Megan, and Bill was more important.   And, I too, deserved a little break from my office.  Although I have a great outdoor view, it feels wonderful to be outside looking in rather than inside looking out…  And I was starting to feel like the poster woman for “all work and no play makes Kathy a dull girl.”   On Saturday, Elijah and I spread seeds from these amazingly beautiful grasses lining our path to the lower level of our home.  img_4483Checking out the fall flowers in our garden

img_4492_2img_4493_3img_4522_2Elijah had friends come over for the afternoon, so Bill and took a road trip to Soldier’s Grove.

We watched people racing horses to drop a tennis ball in a barrel.  img_4513img_4515img_4516

Stopped in Plain, Wisconsin and picked up some Honey Crisp Apples  – my all time favorite apple

img_4520(these aren’t actually honey crisps…but apples none-the-less)

Driving home.

I never tire of the views out here… never…. img_4527

On Sunday, we spent part of the afternoon at Peck’s Farmer’s Market living-in-wis-266-1 aka Amusement park for children and free entertainment for parents.  Or nearly free.  The train ride and the haunted house were not freeimg_4540

img_4535 but a ride on the tetter totter only cost a few laughs.


You can’t pass up the 25 cent handful of corn for the pygmy goats…



Off to pick out some pumpkins


Day is done

Gone is the sunimg_4592

Now, back to work.