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Vampire Hunting with Michael deMeng

 A vampire hunting kit workshop in New Orleans

I have never met a vampire personally, but I don’t know what might happen tomorrow.Bela Lugosi

Nixing Nosferatus is not like getting rid of raccoons in the attic.   It takes skill and training but it also takes the right tools and devices.  So in this workshop you will be using your artistic skills to modify an everyday box or case into something that will send shivers down the spines of those nocturnal lurkers.  Of course, to make a proper vampire hunting kit one must understand the type of vampire at large and use the appropriate method to exterminate.   Before you get to New Orleans you may want to do a bit of research into the type of vamp your dealing with. In the famous words of vampire hunter, Hieronymous Grost, “There are as many species of vampire as there are beasts of prey. Their methods and their motive for attack can vary in a hundred different ways.”  Take this into account when devising your kit.

In New Orleans, you can never get too much of a good thing. Michael deMeng and Valley Ridge are cooking up a brand new New Orleans ArtVenture for 2013. You’ll have plenty of time to explore on your own, as well as time to leisurely savor the unique food and drink found only in this historic city on the Delta.


Tropical in climate, lush in setting, exotic in architecture and sensual in atmosphere, New Orleans is a worldly, richly creative environment like no other. It’s no wonder that the city has been — and continues to be — a favorite muse for an incredible legacy of artists, artisans, performers, musicians, writers and chefs.


Your ArtVenture Hosts


Michael deMeng

Michael deMeng

Michael deMeng is an assemblage artist from Missoula, MT who exhibits throughout the United States. In his art, he addresses issues of transformation. Discarded materials find new and unexpected uses in his work; they are reassembled and conjoined with unlikely components, a form of rebirth from the ashes into new life and new meaning.


Katherine Engen


Katherine Engen

Katherine Engen is the sole proprietor of Valley Ridge Art Studio. Valley Ridge Art Studio provides coursework and resources devoted to bringing the intrinsic life-affirming qualities of physically creating art to a diverse audience, including artists, writers, teachers, librarians and craftspeople.

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