A trip to the moon on gossamer wings… Highlighting Lynne Perrella

It was just one of those things…
Just one of those fabulous flings.
A trip to the moon on gossamer wings
It was just one of those things….

This favorite Cole Porter lyric seems to sum up that feeling of getting completely side-tracked by some fabulous “fling” of an idea…..and losing oneself in that idea completely and thoroughly. (At least for a while.) If we are really lucky, we can join with other artists and explore these momentary fascinations together, turning up the volume on the ideas and (best of all) the shared enthusiasm.

That wonderful feeling of reading an email from an art friend that begins…….”I just had a wonderful idea……” and ends with “Want to play?”.


(Friends who came out to play with Lynne at Valley Ridge Art Studio in 2008)

Some fascinations/flings seem to be enduring (like paper theatres) and I return to the idea again and again. Other flings have provided the spark for a larger range of work, although they started out as momentary flickers. Either way, Enthusiasm + Exploration = Fascination. Players – Theatre de Studio Paper Theatre for Somerset Studio Gift wrapping is one of my favorite passions, and I use everything in my studio. Each year I wrap over forty gifts for our community raffle, and I make each present look wonderfully enticing. Gift certificates from local businesses are tucked into outlandishly-decorated hats, or attached to “festival sticks” wound ’round with metallic garland……or hidden inside painted bird cages. Creating something elegant, using cheezy, inexpensive supplies and paper — That’s what it is all about. And lots of holiday spirit!

P.S. ……. I’ll never get too old to play with dolls.  –Lynne Perrella

Lynne is coming to Valley Ridge Art Studio to teach two workshops this fall.

Personal Iconology on October 22nd and October 23rd.



Zen Is When from October 24 through October 26th. imgp7592



Please join us.  We would love to have you.

Kathy and Lynne