Beautiful Beasts Artventure in New Orleans

deMeng and Engen (deMEngen) present:
Beautiful Beasts ArtVenture

February 6-11, 2017


Michael DeMeng Beautiful Beasts Workshop:

In Michael’s workshop, your task will be to create a fantastical beast using the processes of assemblage.  This could be approached in a number of ways.  You could create a shrine representing a myth inspiring hybrid featuring critters such as minotaurs, and ganeshas, and centaurs…oh my.  Or maybe your preference is a personified beast from children’s stories, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Aesop’s fables or the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.  An alternate approach would be to create a bedazzled beasty…ornate and bejeweled in something similar to renaissance armor.  Read More

Optional Andrea Matus Beautiful Beasts Coat of Arms

Whether you’ll be walking down Bourbon street as “Clint Beastwood,” “Queen Elizardbeth the I” or “Marie Antelopette” you’ll want to herald your arrival through the French Quarter with all the splendor and circumstance of medieval beastly royalty. In this optional, one day workshop we are going to create our own fantastically fierce work of art inspired by the traditional coat of arms. Read More

In New Orleans, you can never get too much of a good thing.  You’ll have plenty of time to explore on your own, as well as time to leisurely savor the unique food and drink found only in this historic city on the Delta.

Tropical in climate, lush in setting, exotic in architecture and sensual in atmosphere, New Orleans is a worldly, richly creative environment like no other. It’s no wonder that the city has been — and continues to be — a favorite muse for an incredible legacy of artists, artisans, performers, musicians, writers and chefs.

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