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Destination Art Adventure Workshops

Beautiful Beasts
February 5-11, 2017

beautifulbeasts-posterIn Beautiful Beasts – The Elegantly Untamed and the Fantastically Fierce, your task will be to create a fantastical beast using the processes of assemblage. You could create a shrine representing a myth-inspiring hybrid featuring critters such as minotaurs, ganeshas and centaurs… or maybe your preference is a personified beast from children’s stories, or a bedazzled beasty…ornate and bejeweled in something similar to renaissance armor. Add a fantastically fierce work of art inspired by the traditional coat of arms in the optional Beautiful Beasts Coat of Arms one day workshop.

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Bend It Like Brenda
June 16-23, 2017

Join Brenda Schweder and Katherine Engen at La Cascade, a 17th century house situated in the tiny medieval village of Durfort in the south of France. Spend seven magical days exploring steel wire and found objects. Learn to create unique focals, shapes, chain-links, frames, armatures, and captures, and how to integrate them with found objects to customize into your own work. You’ll gain a new feel of wire working expertise on and off the Now That’s a Jig!! You’ll learn the how-tos of joining and connecting disparate physical objects though simple cold connections (with a smidge of scrappy steel soldering) and more.

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