Valley Ridge ArtVentures

Destination ArtVentures, LLC Workshops

Ghost Riders – the Krewe du Ghoul With Michael deMeng
Pocket Poltergeist – Optional Workshop With Andrea Matus deMeng
February 2-8, 2020

You know, you hear a lot about haunted houses but haunted vehicles are comparatively rare. You have a few ghost ships here ant there, and of course Stephen King’s possessed vehicle Christine and Pee Wee Herman’s friend Large Marge, but you’d think a few more ghosts would like to hit the road. So in honor of the ghouls with a wandering soul, I thought we’d make a mobile vehicle/Mardis Gras float for them to go cruising in.

In the optional Pocket Poltergeist workshop, you’ll capture the spirit of a lost soul and create a beautiful and portable reliquary for a new guest to liven up a boring dinner party or scare off the neighbors.



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