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Arcana – A Tale of Tarot
January 20-27, 2018

In Arcana – A Tale of Tarot, your task will be to create a few puppet characters based on a cards from the Major or Minor Arcana of the Tarot.  Using found objects as your base, you will modify them into a metaphorically rich persona.  Next, you will create a little stage or stand for your creations.  This could be one stage to house all your creations or a smaller individual stage for each card you choose to interpret.  Since it is rather unlikely you’ll be able to complete all 78 cards during class, this means you’ll have a choice to make: Which cards to personify?

In the mystical world of the tarot reading, there is often one card that gets singled out of the deck before you begin. That card is called the significator and is meant to be the representation of the person you are reading for, also known as the Querent. Your creative task in Face Cards, an optional one day workshop, is to create the perfect mixed media representation of yourself, your own unique significator.

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