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Valley Ridge ArtVentures

Destination Art Adventure Workshops

Wizard of Odds
January 18 – January 23, 2016

wizard-of-odds-posterEach year the deMeng and Engen New Orleans ArtVenture gets bigger and better.  2016 is no different.  This year’s theme is based on the Wizard of Oz so the workshop and experiences will assuredly be a bit down the Yellow Brick Road and somewhere over the rainbow.  The events lined up will be unlike anything you’ll find in Kansas… our own costumed Wizard of Odds Parade through the French Quarter, an artist’s reception and party at Graphite Gallery featuring Michael’s Wizard of Odds series, and the first parade of Mardi Gras…the Krewe du Vieux.  Okay then…time to pack up the house and catch the next twister…destination New Orleans!

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Mad Alchemist Freak Fest
June 2-5, 2016

slide1Grab some stuff…some new…some rough.  Bring your gears, Mickey Mouse souvenirs, old cans for beers, perhaps some shiny chandeliers. You might prefer something off the wall, a bocce ball, a broken doll, or a bust of Charles de Gaulle.  Next we need some glues, screws, power tools, adhesive goos and paints in a variety of hues.   Power up those Dremel tools and give’ em a test…. everybody do the Mad Alchemist Freak Fest!

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